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Meet Doc-To-Help

Use Doc-To-Help along with Microsoft® Word to produce Online Help, Web, mobile, eBook, or print-based deliverables. Used by content developers, technical writers, HR managers, medical writers, and subject matter experts, Doc-To-Help is ideal for users who want to create and manage content in a familiar chapter-based Word environment.


Authoring and Publishing Using Microsoft® Word

Doc-To-Help offers advanced authoring and publishing capabilities using Microsoft® Word to create online help, policy & procedure guides, eBooks and more.

What's New in Doc-To-Help 5

What’s New in Doc-To-Help 5

See What’s New in Doc-To-Help 5 View Doc-To-Help’s Online Help

Employee Handbook and Medical Policy and Procedure Manual

Create, customize and publish web and print-based Employee Handbooks and Medical Policy and Procedure Manuals with our professionally pre-written documents, included free with Doc-To-Help.

Employee handbook cover and interior page

Unlock Content Stuck in Microsoft® Word and Transform It into Any Output

Write or Import Your Content

Use Doc-To-Help and Microsoft® Word to write content or import documents you already have. You only need to author a single set of content and Doc-To-Help will automatically publish multiple types of output.

Choose from a List of Outputs

Use up to nine different types of output to publish your content. Conditional tagging features allows you to customize the content for each of the target platforms (e.g. online Help and printed manual) or create multiple versions of one type of output (e.g. Enterprise and Standard editions of Online Help or teacher and student training manuals).

Publish Content Where Your Readers Need It

Each output is professionally designed and is formatted for its platform. These include Help files for desktop software, online Help for the Web, content for mobile devices, eBooks, and printed manuals.

Word content unlocked to display in different outputs

Create Common Document Types Quickly with Templates for Print and Web-based Content

Doc-To-Help provides predefined templates to determine how your content will look and work, making it easy to create common document types such as policies & procedures guides. Built-in templates include:

Employee Handbook Template

Policies & Procedures Template

Software Documentation Template


Plus sample projects including:

  • Sample Project (English) with Outputs for:
    • CHM
    • Responsive NetHelp
    • Print
  • Sample Project (German) with Outputs for:
    • CHM
    • Responsive NetHelp
    • Print
Screenshot of Policy & Procedure template

Take Advantage of Professional Pre-Written Manuals for Employee Handbooks and More

The professional pre-written manuals included with MadCap Doc-To-Help are rich with content, and include everything you need to customize important documents to fit your organization.

Employee handbook in print and digital outputs

Author in a Familiar Environment Using Word and Use
Existing Content

If you love Word, Doc-To-Help is the perfect technical authoring tool for you! Doc-To-Help offers the industry’s best support for Word authors. Rather than forcing you to convert Word documents to a different format, we install a toolbar in Word to bring all of Doc-To-Help’s features to your editing interface. When you choose Doc-To-Help, your content stays in Word.

  • Use built-in or custom templates
  • Insert video and Doc-To-Help will automatically exclude it from print
  • Margin notes automatically become pop-ups in online outputs
  • Links become cross-references in print outputs and cross-references become links in online outputs
  • Use image maps

Note: Microsoft® Word 2010 or newer required

Screenshot of authoring in Word using Doc-To-Help


Policies and Procedures

Write and maintain effective policies and
procedures for any organization.

Download the Free White Paper
API Documentation White Paper

Quickly and Easily Create Training Manuals, User Guides, Knowledge Bases and More

Doc-To-Help makes it easy to automate the content creation, management, and publishing process. With Doc-To-Help, you can create:

  • Documentation and User Assistance
  • Policies, Procedures, and Regulations
  • Training Manuals
  • Hardware User Guides and Technical Manuals
  • Support and IT Knowledge Bases
Screenshot of output from Doc-To-Help

Publish to Multiple Outputs Including Responsive Web, PDF, ePub and More

Write Once, Publish Anywhere

Conditional tagging features allows you to customize the content for each of the target platforms (e.g. online Help and printed manual) or create multiple versions of one type of output (e.g. Enterprise and Standard editions of Online Help or teacher and student training manuals).

Doc-To-Help’s Web-based output is responsive (adjusts itself to the device’s screen size) and is touchscreen-enabled.

  • Include an advanced search engine in all online outputs
  • Publish online content that conforms to Section 508 standards
  • Choose from 13 languages for the interface (includes right-to-left support)
  • Include Google tools (Translate, Search, Analytics)
  • Easy to deploy
  • Include Mark of the Web

Publish eBooks, PDF, and Press-ready Manuals

Give your readers manuals in the format they want by choosing to create them in EPUB or PDF. Doc-To-Help’s EPUB output can display on virtually any reader (even Kindle after an easy conversion to Kindle’s mobi file format) while PDFs can be sent straight to press or made available on the Web. Both formats are professionally polished.

A set of outputs created with Doc-To-Help
By using Doc-To-Help, Help now is integrated into the application. Thanks to Doc-To-Help we now have a centralized approach for managing all Data Portal Help Content (manual, user guide, procedures, etc.) generated by document creators/SMES from various departments.”

—Doreen Marson | Technical Documentation Specialist, GSOC

Leverage Content You Already Have with Easy Importing Features

Doc-To-Help makes it easy to import or convert existing content including Microsoft® Word and RoboHelp® projects.

Import: Don't waste time with copy and paste. Doc-To-Help will import the Word-based manuals you already have and typically be ready to produce any of its outputs in minutes.

Convert: You can also convert RoboHelp® projects, HTML files, HTML Help projects, and WinHelp projects.

Diagram showing different document formats being imported

Choose Professional Built-In Output Themes or Customize Your Own

Choose from a list of professionally designed, built-in themes and interface languages or use Doc-To-Help’s visual theme designer to create new themes that match your web site or application look and feel.

Screenshot of Doc-To-Help theme designer

Streamline Localization with Multiple-Language Support, Integration with MadCap Lingo

  • Generate output in any Windows-supported language
  • Use Unicode characters
  • Use SharePoint® Translation Management Libraries
  • Choose your spell checking language
  • Import Doc-To-Help directly into MadCap Lingo
Diagram showing integration between MadCap Lingo and Doc-To-Help

Use Conditional Tags to Map Content to Outputs

Conditional tags allow you to map any type of content to a specific output. For example, you may want to include a video for online output and replace it with a static image for manuals. This feature is also useful for creating student/teacher or internal/external versions of your deliverables. Doc-To-Help also includes automatic conditional content features. Print-based cross-references become links in online outputs, for example. This just scratches the surface. Conditional content technology is the secret sauce that will save you tons of time!

Diagram of source content being shared between outputs using conditions

Facilitate Source Control and Collaboration

Doc-To-Help gives you technology to help manage content and workflow. Choose between Doc-To-Help’s own source control technology, Microsoft® SharePoint® or Microsoft® Team Foundation Server® for check in/out features, version history, and review workflows.

Screenshot of Doc-To-Help's Team Authoring tab

Save Time by Letting Doc-To-Help Do the Work for You

Doc-To-Help makes it easy to create topics, Table of Contents, breadcrumbs and more.

Time Savings Icon
  • Automatic topic creation
  • Automatic related topic links
  • Automatic Table of Contents
  • Automatic breadcrumbs
  • Automatic glossary links
  • Automatic Index inclusion/exclusion
  • Editable, self-validating code

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Speed content delivery and maximize content reuse with the advanced
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