Create Policies & Procedures Documents,
Online Help and More With Doc-To-Help

Doc-To-Help makes it easy to create, manage and publish content
to any format or device – all without leaving Microsoft® Word.

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After a week of playing around with Doc-To-Help, I was hooked. I cannot imagine developing Word-centric technical documentation without Doc-To-Help. In my opinion, Doc-To-Help and Word are a match made in heaven.
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Peggy Fenton
Senior Technical Writer

Unlock Content Stuck in Word and Allow Your Users to Find Information Easier

Turn your Microsoft® Word content into more user-friendly documents by automatically generating table of contents, indexes and more for enhanced search.

Word content unlocked to display in different outputs

Publish Your Word Documents to Multiple Outputs Including Responsive Web, PDF and ePub with a Single Click

Take advantage of the “Write Once, Publish Anywhere” paradigm and publish to any number of output
types and devices.

A set of outputs created with Doc-To-Help
By using Doc-To-Help, our Help is now integrated into the application. Thanks to Doc-To-Help we have a centralized approach for managing all Data Portal Help Content (manual, user guide, procedures, etc.) generated by document creators/subject matter experts from various departments.
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Doreen Marson
Technical Documentation Specialist,

Take Advantage of Professional Pre-Written Manuals for Employee Handbooks and More

The professional pre-written manuals included with MadCap Doc-To-Help are rich with content, and include everything you need to customize important documents to fit your organization.

Employee handbook in print and digital outputs

Maintaining Multiple Variations of Word Documents
is Grossly Inefficient

Doc-to-Help combines the ability to maximize content reuse and document management so you don’t have to maintain multiple variations of documents with shared content.

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Employee Manual

1 Versions
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Salary Employee Manual

Hourly Employee Manual

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Salary Employee Manual - London

Salary Employee Manual - Paris

Hourly Employee Manual - London

Hourly Employee Manual - Paris

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Tight Integration Means No Need to Leave Microsoft® Word

Doc-To-Help adds a special ribbon in Microsoft® Word to bring all of Doc-To-Help’s advanced features in a familiar authoring environment.

Screenshot of authoring in Word using Doc-To-Help

Built-in Templates for Common Document Types Such As Policies & Procedures

Doc-To-Help’s built-in templates make it easy to create common document types such as policies & procedures guides.

Templates include:

  • Employee Handbook Template
  • Policies & Procedures Template
  • Software Documentation Template
  • Service Team Template
Screenshot of Policy & Procedure template

An Easy to Use Word–based Solution for Creating,
Managing and Publishing Online Help, Policy
& Procedure Guides, eBooks and more.

How technical communicators, HR managers and marketing professionals use Doc-To-Help for their content
development needs.

Policies, Procedures and Regulations

Online Help, Documentation and User Assistance

Medical and Regulatory Compliance

Training Manuals

Hardware User Guides and Technical Manuals

Support and IT Knowledge Bases

Latest News and Announcements.

Watch MadCap Doc-To-Help videos, including overviews and tutorials.

Doc-To-Help offers rapid authoring and publishing capabilities using Microsoft® Word to create online help, policy & procedure guides, eBooks and more. Watch Videos »

Doc-To-Help 5: Authoring and Publishing Using Microsoft® Word

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