• Easy Content Authoring

    Easy Content Authoring

    Write new information in Doc-To-Help’s full-featured content editor or Microsoft® Word. Also, use what you already have by importing existing documents and previously created projects

  • Efficient Collaboration & Management

    Efficient Collaboration & Management

    Choose from built-in technology, Microsoft SharePoint, or Microsoft Team Foundation Server to work with teams. This gives you a hassle-free way to control source content and manage review workflow.

  • Powerful Multi-platform Publishing

    Powerful Multi-platform Publishing

    Write once and publish to the Web, desktop Help formats, mobile devices, eBooks, and print. Doc-To- Help automatically formats your content and publishes as many professional quality outputs as you need.

We evaluated all of the major help authoring tools during this process. Doc-To-Help was by far the best tool for the job.

TJ Wilkinson, Founder, Quantify.com

How Doc-To-Help Is Used

  • Documentation and User Assistance

    Put information where software and hardware users need it by creating Help files, manuals and embedded help all from the same project.

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  • Policies, Procedures, and Regulations

    Publish the information customer and technicians need. Ship a manual with the product. Produce web content for your customer service site. Create an eBook technicians can carry on a tablet or eReader. All this from one project.

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  • Training Manuals

    Transform your procedural manuals, employee handbooks, and regulatory information into an interactive/searchable website that makes information easy to find and saves printing costs.

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Why Choose Doc-To-Help?

  • Improve Communication

    Make information easy to find for your customers or staff by publishing it where they need it.

  • Save Time

    Write once and publishing to the Web, desktop, print, and e-book. No need for copy/paste or manual formatting.

  • Impress Your Audience

    All outputs are meticulously designed to create materials your audience will love to read.

  • Reduce Cost

    Reduce printing costs and time to market by publishing manuals (and their updates) to your website, intranet, or even Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Make Customers Happy

    Empower them to find their own answers online, in their applications, on their mobile devices... anywhere.

  • Easy Authoring Options

    Use our own content editor or use Microsoft® Word. In either case, there is no learning curve.

  • Unlock Content Stuck in Manuals

    Unlock content stuck in Microsoft® Word and other instructional materials by transforming them into searchable, online output in minutes.

  • Facilitate Teamwork

    Work with teams and manage content with source control, collaboration, content management features built-in or integrated with Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Invite Discussion, Get Feedback

    Allow user rating and comments in your online outputs.

Who Uses Doc-To-Help?