Technical Support FAQs

How can I purchase a single inquiry phone call?

You can purchase a single phone inquiry online. Please visit our Support Page and, at the bottom of the page, pick the product then hit purchase.

On how many computers may I install the software?

You may install a second copy of the software on either a portable computer or a home computer for your exclusive use only, provided that: (A) the second copy of the software on the portable or home computer (i) is not used at the same time as the copy of the software on the primary computer and (ii) is used by the primary user solely. The software cannot be used and installed on more than one computer that shares the same domain as the primary license.

How do I transfer my license to another user?

Please contact MadCap Software customer service by calling 888-623-2271 or email Customer Service to arrange for your license key to be transferred to another user.

Why is my registration not working?

Please make sure of the following:

  • All characters in the license key, including the "==" at the end have been copied and inserted correctly.
  • The email address field is case sensitive so if registering on a second computer it must be an exact match to the email address used on the first computer.

On rare occasions, it may be necessary for MadCap to resend your license key in a plain text attachment. Please contact MadCap customer service by calling 888-623-2271 or emailCustomer Service to arrange for your license key to be resent.

What are the limitations of the trial?

  • MadCap Doc-To-Help — 30 day time limit starts at first launch. Scrambled text in generated output.

How do I convert the trial version to full version?

Once the trial versions are licensed and registered, all of the trial limitations are lifted from the software.

What is a maintenance plan?

A Maintenance plan includes free upgrades and updates as well as various levels of technical support for the duration of the maintenance plan.

For more information please visit Maintenance Options .

When can I purchase a maintenance plan?

Maintenance plans must be purchased at either the time of license purchase or within 30 days of license purchase.