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As a leading provider of authoring solutions, with thousands of companies worldwide using our products and services to author and publish content, nobody understands technical authoring and single-source publishing as well as MadCap Software. Our native XML based suite of tools allows our clients to author content for many types of documents.

  • Policy and procedure manuals
  • Help systems
  • Knowledge bases
  • Software documentation
  • Online Help with context sensitivity
  • Reference books and illustrated guides
  • Hardware and maintenance manuals
  • Employee handbooks
  • User Manuals

The strength of our systems is that content is published in one central repository of data in a single user interface but then published to many channels like PDF, XPS, Word, FrameMaker®, DITA, XHTML with Integrated Navigation (cross-browser, cross-platform), Microsoft® HTML Help, Mobile platforms (iPhone® OS, Windows® Mobile, Android®, BlackBerry®), DotNet Help and HTML5.

Naturally clients would like to extend this platform to their translation projects without adding any complexity or adding other programs.  We are very proud of the integration of MadCap Doc-To-Help and MadCap Lingo into our standard work flow. MadCap Doc-To-Help clients can simply send us their source documents.  We can then handle the project using a familiar tool while taking advantage of MadCap Lingo’s improved consistency and efficiency. Additionally, the use of MadCap Flare multi-channel authoring software with international language support further facilitates translation.

While Adobe® RoboHelp®, Adobe® FrameMaker®; and Microsoft® Word do not support localization on the same level as MadCap Doc-To-Help, we can certainly work with your files. We can either convert your files to MadCap Doc-To-Help, or translate your files directly.

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“MadCap and MadTranslations offer first class support and are always available to meet our needs, from assistance with planning the project through to detailed and responsive technical support.”

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Product Manager,
Miro Technologies

“MadTranslations has been an excellent choice as provider for the translation and localization services for our user interface and user documentation into Spanish, French and Portuguese. The process has been very smooth and the level of service offered by MadTranslations has been excellent!”

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Manager of Technical Communications, Avtec