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Project Management

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Project management is essential, and ensures resources and costs are managed appropriately.

Our project managers have years of experience managing complex projects. We pride ourselves on following a basic workflow that has been refined for faster turnaround times and higher quality. Our project managers guide every project from choosing the most qualified translators to keeping you up to date on project status.

Our managers will assist with the following:

  • Project management preparation
  • Determining project resources
  • Creating the project blueprint
  • Project file management
  • Project resource allocation
  • Client communications
  • Project delivery
  • Final file check
  • Client review and final revisions
  • Translation post-project evaluation

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“MadCap and MadTranslations offer first class support and are always available to meet our needs, from assistance with planning the project through to detailed and responsive technical support.”

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Product Manager,
Miro Technologies

“MadTranslations has been an excellent choice as provider for the translation and localization services for our user interface and user documentation into Spanish, French and Portuguese. The process has been very smooth and the level of service offered by MadTranslations has been excellent!”

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Manager of Technical Communications, Avtec