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Find the Right Consultant

Whether you are an existing MadCap Software customer or have general technical communication consulting needs, MadCap Software will leverage our extensive database of Consultants to best match you with the perfect consultant with the right skill-set and experience level to meet your specific needs and company requirements. Each of our qualified candidates are industry experts with extensive expertise in MadCap product training and technical communication best practices.

MadCap will negotiate and work with the desired consultant to ensure all your needs are met according to your project requirements and timelines. All consultants will have direct access to the highest levels of MadCap’s technical support and development teams to ensure you have the best possible service and expertise for the duration of the project.

MadCap Software’s consulting service provides a professional, cost-effective solution for our technical communication needs. MadCap's MAD Certified consultants have time and time again proved to be outstanding team leaders and experienced technical authors.

Amanda Lipnack

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Submit Your Project Details

Send us your project details, timeline requirements and whether you would like the work to be performed on-site or remotely.

We’ll Match Your Needs with the Right Consultant

Based on your project requirements, we'll search our extensive database of consultants to find the right fit for you.

Coordinate Discussions, Define Project Scope and Secure Consultant Services

We will coordinate discussions with our recommended candidates for you to interview, help outline project scope, cost estimates and finalize terms and conditions to ensure successful and timely delivery. Once you choose a consultant for your project, a standard agreement is completed directly between MadSkills and your company.

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