Support and IT Knowledge Bases

A well-organized, searchable online knowledge base makes it easy for customers and users to find the answers they’re looking for. However, writing, editing, and managing all the possible topics that may arise is a common challenge for the support agent, technical writer or administrator.

Doc-To-Help is instrumental in making information easy to find. Whether you are importing existing documents and publishing one unified searchable Web system or using Doc-To-Help’s content editor to author individual articles, the process is seamless. With the powerful authoring and publishing features available, the resulting knowledge base reduces burden on support and IT staff and speeds the process of question to problem resolution.

How Does Doc-To-Help Work?

Author and Edit Content, All Within Word

Writers and support staff can use Doc-To-Help to write and manage content or import existing documents, all within Word. Doc-To-Help installs a toolbar into Word, allowing you to either import your existing content or create content for knowledge bases with ease. With the use of rich-text variables, chunks of information can be reused within the knowledge base, allowing writers and representatives to repurpose content and save valuable time and effort.

Updating is simple – you only need to author a single set of content and publish to the output you need. In addition, writers and administrators can also easily publish with built-in templates, or customize knowledge bases based on the look and feel of the organization.

Collaborate with Teams

With Doc-To-Help’s team authoring features, support and IT teams can maintain that their content is consistent and regularly updated. Team authoring is a source control feature that allows multiple authors to work together on a single project. When teams implement Doc-To-Help in their authoring process, they can review workflows, check version histories, and ensure that changes from one author will not be overwritten by another author.

Publish Outputs in Different Formats

Doc-To-Help can publish content as a NetHelp output, making it ideal for writers and content developers managing a knowledge base. In addition, if you need to publish your content for print-based or mobile users, Doc-To-Help can also publish documentation as eBooks, PDFs, and responsive web.

Illustration showing Doc-To-Help publishing to knowledge bases

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