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Machine Translation

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MadTranslations offers machine translation services for technical content. Not to be confused with free tools such as Google Translate, MadTranslations uses state-of-the-art, customized translation software in combination with trained human editors to ensure that high quality translation is delivered.

Quality Translation Delivered Quickly

Here’s a common problem: your company has a large technical product manual that needs to ship with the machine it describes. Unfortunately, the English documentation is not ready until weeks before the product ships—if that. How can hundreds of pages of technical content be translated in a matter of a few weeks without risking poor quality and errors in the translation?

To solve this problem, MadTranslations uses industry leading machine translation tools that enable the translation of hundreds of thousands of words in a matter of hours. We then have specialized native-speaker editors who review all the machine-produced translation. Along the way, they correct any errors that the computer translator may have made. This process can reduce turnaround times as much as 50%!


The key to providing high-quality translation generated by a machine translation engine is in preparation. We take the time and effort up-front to build customized translation engines specifically for the languages and subject matter your company needs. The MT engine is also trained specifically for your company’s content, utilizing technical terminology translated by human specialists. In the end MadTranslations doesn’t just provide you with a translation, but with a method for translating more content, maintaining high quality and controlling costs.

Which Content is Best for MT?

Our machine-human translation process yields excellent results. However, this process may not be the right one for all your company’s translation needs. Keep in mind that our machine translation engines are specific to a particular language pair, such as English<>Spanish, and subject matter area (e.g. engineering). So, while a customized engine for your company may produce good results for an operator’s manual, the same engine will not be very good for translation of a marketing brochure. The difference is in the stylistic difference in the writing. Documents that have simple, direct sentences like those found in most technical documents are good candidates for machine translation. Below is a quick checklist of content types that can be handled by MT and which should be done solely by professional human translators.

Machine Translation

  • User guides
  • Installation manuals
  • Training content
  • Knowledge base
  • User-generated content

Human Translation

  • Corporate brochures
  • Product brochures
  • Tradeshow materials
  • Business cards
  • Software products

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Doc-To-Help Localization Assessment

Detailed Project Analysis to Optimize Content for Translation


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Localization Assessment

Detailed Project Analysis to
Optimize Content for Translation

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“MadCap and MadTranslations offer first class support and are always available to meet our needs, from assistance with planning the project through to detailed and responsive technical support.”

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“MadTranslations has been an excellent choice as provider for the translation and localization services for our user interface and user documentation into Spanish, French and Portuguese. The process has been very smooth and the level of service offered by MadTranslations has been excellent!”

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